Welcome to Yuezhi Che's webpage!

I am currently a third-year PhD student at
Department of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology.
My advisor is Prof. Rujia Wang

Our studies mainly focus on the topic of computer architecture.


[CAL 2020] Yuezhi Che, Yuanzhou Yang, Amro Awad, Rujia Wang,
A Lightweight Memory Access Pattern Obfuscation Framework for NVM

[HPCA 2020] Yuezhi Che, Rujia Wang,
Multi-range Supported Oblivious RAM for Efficient Block Data Retrieval

[ICCD 2019] Yuezhi Che, Yuan Hong, Rujia Wang,
Imbalance-aware scheduler for fast and secure Ring ORAM data retrieval

Others (poster/workshop)

[DAC 2021-WIP] Yuezhi Che, Gang Liu, Rujia Wang,
Efficient Access Pattern Obfuscation for Untrusted Hybrid Memory System

[DAC 2020-WIP] Yuezhi Che, Yuanzhou Yang, Jiao Qu, Amro Awad, Rujia Wang,
O-NVM: NVM-friendly Lightweight Memory Access Pattern Obfuscation

[DAC 2019-WIP] Yuezhi Che, Rujia Wang,
Improving Ring ORAM Read Performance with Imbalance-aware Scheduling


Email: yche3@hawk.iit.edu

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